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floridaNavigating the world of final expense insurance in Florida can be challenging, especially when you’re considering the cost of cremation services. At Final Expense Brokerage of America, we aim to make this journey easier for you.

Which cremation regulations does Florida funeral law impose?

Every state has unique legal requirements that funeral homes and crematories must adhere to for the proper disposal of human remains through cremation. In Florida, a ‘Cremation Authorization Form’ must be signed by the legal next of kin, and a cremation permit is required from the coroner before a cremation can take place. Florida law mandates a waiting period of 48 hours post-death before cremation can occur. However, it typically takes around three days to finalize all arrangements and complete the necessary paperwork. That said, expedited services can be organized if needed.

While a casket isn’t legally required for cremation, a suitable rigid container is necessary. This can be a reinforced cardboard or plywood box, commonly referred to as a cremation container. For those wishing to hold a funeral service before the cremation, some funeral homes offer the option of renting a casket.

Understanding Cremation Services in Florida

Cremation is a cost-effective option, with a direct cremation available for under $1,100 in most Florida cities and as low as $695 in certain areas.

These lower costs are undoubtedly why direct cremation has seen a surge in popularity recently, particularly as many families face financial hardships due to the pandemic and rising living costs. Even with the inclusion of a memorial service, the average funeral cost in Florida through cremation is around $5,700, significantly lower than traditional burial services.

Cremation also allows families to forgo the more expensive end-of-life purchases such as caskets, embalming, grave liners, and cemetery plots.

Direct Cremation: The Least Expensive Option

The least expensive cremation service is direct cremation. This straightforward process involves a simple, dignified cremation without a service or ceremony. The cremated remains are returned to the next of kin, and families can choose to hold a memorial service at their convenience and at a much lower cost.

Direct cremation can even be arranged online or over the phone, and the cremated remains can be mailed directly back to the next of kin. This offers a simpler and less costly solution for families arranging from outside Florida.

The cost typically covers the funeral director’s basic services, collection and transfer of the deceased, the completion of legal paperwork, and the cremation itself. A simple cardboard cremation container and a temporary urn are also usually included. The funeral home can also handle obtaining the death certificate for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of cremation in Florida?

A direct cremation can be arranged for under $1,100 in most cities in Florida and for as little as $695 in some areas.

Can anyone order a Death Certificate "With Cause of Death" in Florida?

By Florida Law, Death Certificate “With Cause of Death” is confidential and may only be issued to the deceased family or those acting on behalf of the family or the deceased’s estate.

How can I arrange a direct cremation?

Direct cremation can be arranged online or over the phone. The cremated remains can then be mailed directly back to the next of kin.

How much does a traditional burial cost compared to cremation in Florida?

While the cost varies, cremation with a memorial service typically costs around $5,700 in Florida, significantly lower than traditional burial services which can range upwards of $10,000.

Can ashes be scattered anywhere in Florida?

You may retain or scatter cremation ashes on any land but check with landowners or the Department of Environmental Protection for private property. Ashes cannot be spread in any Florida freshwater, and a permit is required for burials at sea.

Is a casket necessary for cremation in Florida?

State law does not require a casket for cremation; a suitable, rigid container made of a material like plywood or reinforced cardboard is acceptable.

How long is the waiting period before cremation in Florida?

Florida law requires a 48-hour waiting period before cremation.

At Final Expense Brokerage of America, we understand the stress and confusion that can accompany planning for final expenses. That’s why we’re here to assist you every step of the way. From understanding the costs to knowing your rights and options, we’re here to help guide you through this difficult time.